Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan

An Update for our Donors and Supporters

An Update for our Donors and Supporters

Greetings from the Seeds of Wisdom Board, teachers, staff, students and families in Ugandan camps.

We pray you are doing well in this difficult time of COVID-19 and racial unrest. May Jesus be glorified in all these difficult circumstances, and may He fill our hearts with love, compassion and acceptance of one another. We are all in this together!

We want to update you about what is happening with Seeds of Wisdom in the Ugandan camps. Even though the countries are shut down and school is on hold, as we are in the United States, our families are safe and sheltering in place in the camps. There are about 450 reported cases in the whole of Uganda and we have not heard of any cases in our camps yet.

There is some teaching going on through local radio stations, for those who have radios. The government is hopeful that school will resume this summer. Our administrator George Okidi Okot remains in contact with the staff, and they are ready to begin teaching again as soon as they are able.

Financially, Seeds of Wisdom is in a difficult place. The SOW Board wants to be good stewards of your donations and have accordingly put school payments on hold and reduced teacher and staff salaries. But we also feel a responsibility to retain our staff and support basic living needs. This will allow our staff to be in place to restart teaching when we can.

Remaining SOW funds will support one more year of educating our students. We had hoped to hold a fundraising banquet this fall, but that looks unlikely now. We are in the process of creating an exciting online fundraiser – stay tuned for more information about that!

If Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan is a mission close to your heart please reach out and share our story with friends and family to help us grow our circle of support. Follow us on Facebook at Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan to stay up to date.

Please join us in prayer, begging a blessing on all of our families in the US, South Sudan and Ugandan refugee camps:

Blessed Mother, protect our donors, our school staff, students and families, our mission of St John the Evangelist School/Seeds of Wisdom.
Bring us all peace, health and security during this time of coronavirus and unrest in our country.
Mary Mother of God, Pray for Us!
St John the Evangelist, Pray for Us!
St Josephine Bakhita, Pray for Us!
All you Holy men and women, Pray for Us!

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