Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan

Awareness to Action Weekend

Awareness to Action Weekend

Awareness to Action Weekend

In the September 21st weekly bulletin from St. John’s was this wonderful article by board member Bob Tremain and Father Jerry Mahon, who wrote about our then upcoming Awareness to Action Weekend:

As you are likely aware, the crisis in Sudan over the past several years was brought closer to home for us through the spiritual intervention of Fr. John Lasuba. He is living proof that although there is much darkness in the world, there is a God of hope and love who asks us to be witnesses in His name. Fr. John, a long with a number of parishioners, have taken this spiritual invitation seriously and have formed a nonprofit organization – Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan. The primary purpose of this organization is to respond to the need for quality, Catholic education in Fr. John’s hometown of Yei, South Sudan.

The goal of Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan is to build a Catholic school campus on some of the 37 acres of land already donated by Fr. John’s people. Significant strides have been made over the past several months in achieving this goal. At this point, the organization is looking for additional volunteers who feel called to this exciting project.

Next weekend, the Board of Directors for Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan will have an informational and sign-up booth in the gathering space. Please take a moment and stop by the booth to discover more about this worthwhile project. If you will not be available next weekend and are interested in finding out more information, please contact us

Thank you, Bob, and to the entire board of “Seeds of Wisdom” as you continue your serious work which has been long standing. I recall very well my conversation with Father John some years ago when I proposed to him that we as a parish community would “stand with him and his people” in creating a new life of possibilities for his area and this was before we realized a new nation in the Republic of South Sudan. The group in leadership has given their time and their conviction was evident with the “fact-finding” group visiting the home town of Father John. Others have shared their precious gifts of creativity, questions, practicality and “common sense” as we take on this adventure.

Our school in Yei, South Sudan, is an adventure with the same depth of calling you to enter into the path of being generous and making a sacrifice for the glory of God and embracing a people who are looking to us for the basic necessities of life: education, formation and the tenderness of Christ.

Awareness to Action weekend was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone who  stopped by to learn more about what we have planned! If you are interested in a more active role in our organization, we are always looking for volunteers, and we would love your help.

Please contact us at or fill out the volunteer form on the Get Involved page here on the website to let us know how you can help.

To read more from the bulletin, visit the website for the Church of St. John the Evangelist.

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  1. Pam Trebtoske

    Awesome weekend! Great response from the parish. We are energized to move forward with our fundraising for Seeds of Wisdom in So Sudan.

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