Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan

Container on the Way!

Container on the Way!

Container on the Way!

Our shipping container, full of the school buildings, desks, toilets, and other supplies, is en route to Yei, South Sudan. It’s been a long process of planning, fundraising, and collecting materials, but we’re so close now!

We purchased the buildings and supplies starting July 2014, and the shipping container was packed over the rest of the summer. Getting everything we needed inside was like solving a massive 3D jigsaw puzzle, but miraculously, it all fit! A group of board members and SOW supporters painted the container in early August, and more went back when everything was finally packed in early September for a blessing and send-off.

As of early October, the container is on a ship across the Atlantic, traveling first to the Mediterranean, then it will make its way down to Kenya by mid to late November. After going through customs and being loaded on a truck for the final leg of the journey, it should reach Yei by the end of the year.

Please pray for its safe a speedy trip to South Sudan!

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