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Student Story #5 – Samuel and Ruta

Student Story #5 – Samuel and Ruta

Student Story #5 – Samuel and Ruta

In 2015, Seeds of Wisdom opened a school in Pukuka, South Sudan (a small village near the larger city of Yei, South Sudan).  During the 2016 academic year, many families were forced to flee the area due to violence. We have located many of our former students and their families about 50 miles south in refugee camps in northern Uganda.  We have continued our mission to provide education for the children of Pukuka by sponsoring 46 children into two Catholic boarding schools and by providing tutoring in two refugee camps for additional former students. In spite of many challenges, many of our students are thriving – their families are grateful that we continue to walk with them. This Advent, we want to share their stories to celebrate their achievements as they near the end of the 2017 academic year.

This week we would like to introduce Samuel George and Ruta Kamala who are shown working with their teacher at St. Kizito Catholic School in Arua, Uganda. When Samuel began the school year, he struggled greatly in every subject. At one point, it became so challenging that he actually requested to be sent back to the refugee camp because he could not grasp the material. In addition, he struggled with personal hygiene and not being responsible for his school supplies. Because of his frustration, he was very aggressive and fought with many of his classmates.

As the parents and teachers discussed the situation, they joined hands to provide support and counseling for Samuel. His teachers gave him easier lessons so he could gain a sense of confidence and as he progressed, they slowly increased his workload so he could continue to improve but not get frustrated. He began to take care of himself and as he gained more confidence, he began adapting better to the classroom and his classmates. His character changed completely.

The teachers say that Samuel is now one of the most disciplined students in class.  He is the best reader, and not only that, he loves to lead reading! His performance surprises even his teachers as he is now doing well in all of his subjects.

Ruta Kamala’s story is not as dramatic as Samuel’s, but is another success story for the children from St. John the Evangelist School in Pukuka. Ruta has a quiet, more introspective personality and is a very humble student. She exhibits great kindness to everyone she meets. She speaks English clearly and enunciates very well. She performs well in all of her classes and her very favorite subject is reading.

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