Seeds of Wisdom in South Sudan

Student Story #6 – Stella, Susan & Winnie

Student Story #6 – Stella, Susan & Winnie

Student Story #6 – Stella, Susan & Winnie

In 2015, Seeds of Wisdom opened a school in Pukuka, South Sudan. Near the end of the 2016 academic year, many families were forced to flee the area due to violence. We located many of our former students and their families in refugee camps in northern Uganda and continue our mission to provide education for the children of Pukuka by sponsoring 46 children into two Catholic boarding schools and by providing tutoring for former students who remain in refugee camps. In spite of many challenges, our students are thriving. This Advent, we want to share their stories to celebrate their achievements as they near the end of the academic year.

We are pleased to introduce to you three lovely young ladies: Yeno Stella, Susan Adare and Romani Winnie. These three students came to St. Kizito’s with many obstacles in their way. Winnie and Susan spoke Arabic at home and had not been in school long enough to master English before the war forced them to flee their homes and come to the refugee camp in Uganda. They could listen and speak English but comprehension at the primary four level was extremely difficult. Stella was able to comprehend a bit better but was a bit older when she started school for the first time at St. John the Evangelist in Pukuka so did not have a solid base for her education. They were all struggling greatly in reading and writing.

After the first term, a teacher was assigned to help them in reading at his free time. These dedicated teachers are willing to go above and beyond to help the students. In the last trimester, the most recent assessments have shown that they are all working hard and slowly improving.

Despite their slower academic progress, the teachers have noted that the girls are highly disciplined, very loving and interact with other children in an extremely positive way. It is expected that they will continue to improve and be able to catch up to the appropriate grade and age level.

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